Adam Patrick, born Cassius Clay, grew up in the remote desert area of Antarctica. His parents were a wombat and an ugly Christmas sweater. As a kid his favorite activities included flying, not flying, sleeping, and being awake. He was educated by a stain on his shirt, and after graduation moved to warmer climates, where he developed an affinity for drinking… motor oil and spring water at first, but eventually ardent spirits. After his third marriage, this time to a human, he decided to follow his heart into the world of bartending. The world has never been the same since….

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and the soon to be released

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  1. Eric Cott

     /  January 5, 2014

    Great story in our local hub 06877
    As a former American bartending school graduate 1985 (not the Harvard of mixology schools ) I am impressed by your background.
    Can’t wait to try your cocktails.
    Happy 2014

    • AP

       /  January 7, 2014

      Eric I’m finally coming to Ridgefield early next week to hop around and sample all of the awesome restaurants everyone (and seriously, everyone) keeps telling me ya’ll have up there. Any recommendations for the visit??


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