Irish Coffee

Do you love Espresso? Irish Whiskey? Whipped Cream? If you’re like me, you love them all, but you love them even more when someone (maybe you) puts them all in the same glass at the same time. But I’m willing to bet you haven’t had the “World’s Best Fucking Irish Coffee.” And how can I be so sure of this bold (yet somehow expected) proclamation? Because your bartender isn’t making them properly.

The World’s Best Fucking Irish Coffee:

Heat up your mug. This is a no brainer. Hot drinks go in hot glasses.

2oz of irish whiskey. i go bushmills because i find it sweeter than jame-o and im not adding sugar here so I want it as sweet as possible. Some swear by Jame-o and its really a matter of preference. Redbreast 12yr is about the pinnacle, and I certainly wouldn’t turn one down.

8oz Double Americano (which basically means 2oz espresso and 6oz hot water)

Fresh Whipped Cream. Find some cream in your kitchen, add sugar to taste, and whisk the hell outta it. Or, invest a buck in the iSi Gourmet Whip Plus. Its super easy to use.

Add the liquid to the hot glass, and top with whipped cream. (You didn’t see creme de menthe anywhere in that recipe right??) That’s it folks. Enjoy!

***note: some bar coffee mugs/glasses will only hold 8-8.5oz of liquid. In this case, keep the same 4:1 ratio of americano to whiskey, but take the measurments down to 1.5oz whiskey and 6oz americano!

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